Bullying Reporting/Investigation Form

Anti-Bullying School Committee


Jennifer Maienza, Anti-Bullying Specialist

Email: jmaienza@laurelspringschool.org

Phone: 856-783-1086 ext:221


Kathleen Westerby, Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Email: kwesterby@laurelspringschool.org

Phone: 856-783-1086 ext:111


HIB Self Report


Our Yearly self-assessment for the state reflects our commitment to creating and maintaining an environment of safety for all of our students.  We were particularly successful in our programs and training for personnel, curriculum, and instruction for students, and the efficiency with which HIB reports were investigated and reported.  We will continue to work with representatives of the community, parents, student body, and faculty to promote activities and implement procedures that will lesson instances of harassment, intimidation, and bullying for all members of the Laurel Springs School family.

HIB Self Assessment Grades For Website (1)
HIB Self Assessment Grades For Website (1)
HIB Self Assessment Grades for Website (1).pdf
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