(Gifted and Talented Enrichment Program)

          The Laurel Springs School’s Gifted and Talented Enrichment program, GATE, is designed to give students who are excelling academically opportunities to stretch beyond what is offered in the regular education program. They explore a variety of subjects through both independent and team projects. Students are divided into groups of ten or fewer. Each group meets with the GATE teacher for class once a week. This program is available to qualifying students in grades 4th through 6th.

          Students’ eligibility is determined at the beginning of each school year. The GATE teacher and principal examine the previous year’s report cards, teacher recommendations, behavior, MAP and state testing, and, if applicable, previous participation in GATE. (Note: Previous participation in GATE does not guarantee participation in subsequent years.)

          During the school year, GATE students are assessed based on participation, behavior, and completion of projects. If a student is struggling in any of these areas or if
he or she is struggling in the regular education classroom, continued participation in GATE will be evaluated. If appropriate, a student may suspended from GATE for a
period of time.

          Any parents or guardians who have questions or wish to make a complaint about the selection process, projects, or suspensions, are encouraged to contact the GATE teacher directly by phone call. If necessary, the principal will join the discussion.